Our Activities are very much appreciated by many parents because they deals with mental and physical growth of every children. We strive to bring the creativity of every children which in turn helps them to improve their logical and analytical skills. Our interaction with children gives them more interest towards the subject rather than a boring experience.

Brain GYM


This generation kids are much attached to PC, mobiles and tablets as their classes are conducted through them. But, do you think they have enough physical and mental fitness?  So, we had initiated Brain GYM in our daily session.

You heard it right. Its brain GYM and we give it as an activity in every online session. The brain GYM is a series of exercises that are carried out to improve the concentration of children and keep them focused. Also brain GYM gives a relaxation after a long hour of study and helps them to stretch their body. Brain GYM contains exercise on eyes, ears, brain, hands and legs. All these exercise are to be followed so that the children don't get tired or bored of session.

Lucid Teaching

The age of 8 to 13 is the best time for kids to explore their ideas and curiosities. During this exploration, children come across many doubts and confussions. Sometimes our explanations may not clear their doubts as we need to tell them in their point of view.  So we created a new way of approach where we answer their question in their point of view. Its called as Lucid Teaching.

In this teaching method, we teach in a simple, lucid manner where we explain doubts and concepts using the real world senarios. This approach has much impact on children's doubts which helps them to learn and apply concepts faster.


Individual Care


Nowadays the teaching method is very inefficient as every children is not given sufficient care where the teacher has to handle a class of at least 30 students. We wanted to remove this hurdle and make learning experience as simple as possible.

So, we have two types of teaching i.e 1 to 1 and 1 to 5.

In 1 to 1 teaching the kid gets complete attention from the teacher where kid has sufficient time to interact much with the teacher.

In 1 to 5 teaching, irrespective of any basis, we take special attention for every children and explain all the concepts until every student understands it. This Individual care for children helps them to learn faster. Reducing the number of children per teacher increases the efficiency of learning experience.

Parent Feedback


We are a startup, and we want to grow to heights. It is not possible without the help of parents and children. We should always update ourselves and improve our teacher's skills and knowledge. To make this possible, we come up with an idea of taking feedback of parents after every online session. 

We call it Parent Feedback, which is very much important for tracking the children and teacher's performance. The feedback's are therefore also used to take any actions of mishap or misconduct by teacher.